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Ali Spahia

Ali Spahia was one of Albania’s most important and incisive intellectuals. A graduate in medicine, he co-founded the first oncological clinic in the country. His scientific genius intertwined perfectly with an extraordinary humanity. In 1991, at the beginning of democracy, he held some of the highest offices of state. As a doctor he saved thousands of lives, as a man and a politician he worked incessantly in his country to open up the road towards the most exciting aims of humanity based on the respect of human dignity without making any distinctions. As leader of the Albanian delegation to the Parliament of the Council of Europe his contribution was decisive to the adhesion of Albania to the Assembly in Strasburg. For him, freedom was the key to reading the world and humanity as a whole, freedom which meant mental openness both of individuals and whole societies, and which had to be lined up alongside a sense of responsibility that was both personal and social. He died in Pavia in October 2000.

The founding members of the association:

Maria Pia Belloni, Vincenzo Croce, Hans Peter Furrer, Rubina Ruggiero, Cristina Sampiero, Bardh Spahia, Nausika Spahia, Salvatore Tarsia, Filippo Tonolo and Salvatore Veca.